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Specialist interpreting services: DiakOppi

Ensure reliable communication across language and cultures!

Diak offers customer-oriented interpreting, communication, teaching and instruction services to companies, communities and public operators.

The interpreting services we offer are sign language interpreting, interpreting for people with speech impediments, and interpreting of spoken languages. We provide interpreting services using various methods, as well as teaching and instruction services for groups and individuals.

We deliver our services through our company DiakOppi, which is a learning environment for working life. We can also provide interpreting services through subcontractor agreements.

We provide working life services according to your wishes, either as

  • Student work guided by a teacher, or
  • Collaborative work between teacher and student, or
  • Specialist work by a teacher or other specialist

All interpreting teachers who work at DiakOppi are trained and experienced interpreters.

image on interpreting services

We offer the broadest range of interpreting services available in Finland

  • Finnish and Finnish Swedish sign language, sign language interpreting of speech, sign-supported communication and international sign language interpreting
  • Interpreting for people with speech impediments using various communication methods
  • Guiding and visual description
  • Tactile interpreting
  • Speech-to-text interpreting
  • Spoken language interpreting: English, French, German ad Estonian as specialist services, Arabic, Dari, Chinese, Kurdish, Persian, Somali, Thai, Tigrinya and Vietnamese as student-provided services

Our working languages are Finnish, Finnish sign language, Swedish and English. In addition, we offer interpreting in connection with various communication methods used by individuals with speech disabilities as well as international sign language interpreting.

Interpreting for all areas of life

We provide interpreting services for many different situations:

  • Community interpreting
  • Interpreting for conferences and meetings
  • Interpreting for legal and police matters
  • Interpreting for students
  • Interpreting for theatre and other cultural interpreting
  • Religious interpreting

Other specialist interpreting services

In addition to interpreting, we provide a variety of related services:

  • Translations
  • Instruction in the use of interpreting services
  • Teaching of sign language
  • Teaching of sign-supported communication, also as distance learning
  • Communication guidance and teaching of communication
  • Plain language writing, teaching and consulting
  • Specialist lectures, evaluations and consultancy

Wellbeing at work services and professional supervision for interpreters

Do you need support for wellbeing at work and guidance for working life? We provide professional supervision through a specialist expert interpreter and qualified work supervisor. We also provide services for the development of wellbeing at work, either through day workshops or longer implementations that support wellbeing at work.

Our interpreters

Teachers providing DiakOppi’s interpreting and specialist services:

  • Matleena Messo
  • Tiia Oldenburg
  • Pirjo Pouttu
  • Sonja Rostedt
  • Annukka Saarenmaa
  • Tiina Saarijärvi-Kivelä
  • Nina Sivunen
  • Virpi Thurén
  • Paula Trentecuisse