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A call of tender: External Developmental Evaluator for The Erasmus+ funded project Alliance Fostering Skills Development for Social Economy

EU:n lippu ja teksti: Co-funded by the European Union

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences is opening a call of tender for the Erasmus+ funded project Alliance Fostering Skills Development for Social Economy – European Social Innovation Campus (ESIC) for an

External Developmental Evaluator

Joining the Pact for Skills on Proximity and Social Economy, the European Social Innovation Campus (ESIC) contributes to the challenge of the upskilling and reskilling of 5% of the workforce and entrepreneurs of the sector each year to tackle the green and digital transitions in the social economy by boosting social innovation capacities. The Alliance brings together higher education and vocational education and training, social economy organisations and enterprises from several European countries and European-level actors.

Drawing on evidence regarding the skills needs of occupational profiles, the Alliance boosts the provision of new skills. It addresses skills mismatches by creating a new general Core Curriculum for the social economy and curricula for different EQF levels. The Alliance designs and delivers transnational education and training content and co-produces teaching and training methodologies for quick uptake of the content at regional and local levels and emerging occupational profiles. In addition, the project will establish a strong communication and dissemination network, promoting the social economy sector as a career choice and supporting the development of a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mindsets in the EU.

The Alliance will establish and maintain the European Social Innovation Campus platform that distributes project results (target number of visitors: 10,000). The dynamic Skills Monitor integrated into the platform will host skills intelligence data in an open format accessible to all stakeholders and researchers. Events, meetings, and co-creation will integrate diverse actors into the process and help to disseminate its results. The target number of organisations in the research and local stakeholder committees is +70, the number of learners in the training programmes pilots is +375, and the number of people attending the dissemination events is +500.

The selected External Developmental Evaluator will join Work Package 6 of the project: Developmental Evaluation & Quality Assurance. WP6 is dedicated to the continuous developmental evaluation of the project, evaluating quality and, ultimately, assessing the project, lasting for the entire project and accompanying all project activities (48 months, starting September 2023).

The whole request for Quotation and Terms of Delivery (pdf)

Schedule for the open tender:

Schedule for the open tender:

  • Publication of the open tender: October 5th.
  • During the open tender period, the deadline for sending additional questions is October 10th.
  • Submission date DL offers October 17th.
  • Eligibility evaluation of offers and investigation of backgrounds: October 19th.
  • Possible additional questions for journalists: October 18th and going through them on October 19th.
  • Comparison of offers and procurement decision-making and informing suppliers: October 23rd.
  • Contract negotiations and conclusion of the contract with the selected supplier: week starting October 23rd.
  • Start of the cooperation on October 26th.

The proposal and questions should be emailed to within this timeframe.

More information by contacting Niina Karvinen by email (