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How to apply for a library card

Diak Library is a public library open to all. In order to borrow from our libraries, you need a valid library card. Cards are issued by library customer service desks and online.

Diak students, please use Tuudo as your library card.

Other customers, please fill the application form: Get the library card

Fill in the card application form online using the customer information form. Please bring an ID document when collecting your library card.

You can also visit the library’s customer service desk.

Further information about data protection in Diak.

Customer database

After you’ve applied for a library card, your contact information will be stored in the library’s customer database, including your name, address, email address and telephone number.

A description of the contents of the personal data file is provided on the privacy policy.

Also online forms are processed in accordance with the privacy policy.

Have you lost your library card?

A lost library card must be reported to the library. The customer is responsible for all library materials borrowed on his or her card before the card is reported as lost. A new card can be issued for a fee. See pricing.