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Joint application

Make your values work

Become a professional in helping people! Apply to Diak and graduate as a social and health care professional. At Diak you can be exactly who you are and study without compromising your values.

In the joint application you can apply to our English-language bachelor’s degree programmes in Helsinki.

Apply between 3 and 17 January 2024:

Grow into a health professional!

Become a Registered Nurse with EU competence! The programme will make you a competent nurse capable of supervising and caring for patients with different levels of health issues. Studying takes place in Helsinki.

Grow into a social services professional!

Become a Bachelor of Social Services at Diak! The degree programme aims to train professionals who are competent to work for socially sustainable communities both in Finland and abroad. Studying takes place in Helsinki.

How to apply

See here for information on joint application schedules, entrance examinations, admission criteria, score limits, acceptance of study places and requests for rectification.

Student testimonials

According to our students, Diak is a communal place of study that provides versatile skills for working life.

Questions? Contact Admission Services

Mailing address: Diak, Admission Services, PL 12, 00511 Helsinki
Visiting address: Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki (2nd floor)
Tel. 0400 725 384 (Mon-Thu 10-11 and 12-14, Friday closed)

Get to know Johnny, who studied social services at Diak: