Report incidents with Incy reporting application

Did you face a problem at internship or was your smart phone stolen at campus? Report incidents to Diak's administration through observation reporting application Incy!

To maintain a safe learning and working environment the students and staff are encouraged to report observations. In Diak we use observation reporting application Incy. Log in to Incy with your student email address.

You can report the following observations:

  • IT security violation
  • Cheating students
  • Behavior
  • Property related issues
  • ongelmatilanne kv. toiminnassa
  • Decisions
  • New ideas
  • Other

How to report o observations and incidents?

  1. Get started with Incy
    Watch “Starting” video at Plan Brothers website
  2. Log in to
    Log in to at with your study email address and password. You can access also through Diak website. Navigate to the end of the front page until the dark grey footer where you can find the link to as well as other electronic tools of Diak.