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Student health care and welfare services and support for studies

As a Diak degree student, you have access to a range of student health care and welfare services.

Visit the campus-specific pages to find out more about the services.

Student health care

The purpose of the student health care services is to promote students’ health, well-being and capacity to study, and manage a healthy study environment.

The local authority’s health and social service division is responsible for student health care provision.

The service is available for degree students.


Students who are exposed to risk of contagion in their clinical placements will get the hepatitis B vaccine free of charge.

It is available to students of the public health nurse, registered nurse and midwife degree programmes. Students in Bachelor of Social Services programmes may get a free hepatitis B vaccination if their work placement involves a risk of contagion and the vaccination is required by the organisation in question.

Contact the student health care services appointed to your campus to get a vaccination.

Welfare services at Diak

Most Diak campuses provide multi-professional student welfare personnel, whose task is to provide special measures to support students in coping with their studies when necessary. The most important goal is to prevent students from dropping out of their studies, which can be prevented by support.

The student welfare services, including student counsellor, school pastor and deacon are also available for students in Diak campuses.

Student counsellor services

Student Counsellor for DSS students Maarit Heusala,, tel. +358 (0)40 509 0357

Students may talk to a study guidance counsellor in confidence about social and financial issues and issues related to their studies. It is advisable to talk to the counsellor if problems occur that can distract a student from studying.

Personal matters may influence the progress and motivation of students and their studies. Students may be troubled by e.g. issues related to personal relationships, circumstances at the school or even their income.

A student counsellor provides the opportunity for students to discuss these issues confidentially with a professional, guiding and supporting students in their different circumstances.