Diak publishes research and project reports, series of articles and learning materials for the purposes of education, research, development and innovation activities. Studies may be submitted for publication by employees of Diak as well as by external writers.

Diak publications are grouped into four series:

  • Diak Research
  • Diak and Working Life
  • Diak Speaks
  • Diak Teaches.

Open access publishing is prioritised, and nearly all Diak publications are available in the Theseus repository of universities of applied sciences.

In addition to Diak’s series, employees may publish papers in other scientific journals and professional publications. All publications of Diak staff members are listed in the Juuli database.

Recent publications in English

 NameAuthor(s)Publication series
Diaconia in Dialogue: the Challenges of Diversifying ContextsLaunonen, Pekka; Valtonen, Minna Diak and Working Life

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Publication team

The publishing activities of Diak are part of the innovation unit. The activities are steered and developed by the publication team.

The current members are the following:

  • Director of Innovations, chair
  • Principal Lecturer, Social Services Jari Helminen
  • Principal Lecturer, Social Services Elsa Keskitalo
  • Service System Development Specialist Anne Määttä
  • Principal Lecturer, Multiculturalism and Internationalism Marja Katisko
  • Principal Lecturer, Diaconia and Education Mikko Malkavaara
  • Principal Lecturer, Health Care Arja Suikkala
  • Principal Lecturer, Interpreting Gun-Viol Vik
  • Principal Lecturer, Pedagogy Olli Vesterinen
  • Communications Specialist
  • Information Specialist, Publishing Coordinator Mervi Kivirinta, secretary
  • Assistant, RDI Elisa Juvonen
  • Library Information Specialist Hanna Saario