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Student, become a Diak ambassador!

Three students in front of Diak's campus in Helsinki.
We are now looking for enthusiastic Diak ambassadors among our students to present their studies and to market Diak on social media, school visits and events during autumn semester.

Diak student, we are looking for you to assist us with Diak’s marketing! Would you like to present your field of study, studies and student life? Are you eager to show everyone else why Diak is the best place to study? Become a Diak ambassador!

Diak ambassadors are students from different fields of study in Diak. As ambassadors they get to share their student life with other students and applicants via Diak’s Instagram, on school visits and represent Diak in events. As Diak ambassadors we welcome our students from all fields, campuses and study years – come as you are!

As a Diak ambassador you receive:

  • reward for your work
  • performance and marketing experience
  • training for the tasks
  • you also get to know other students and become a part of the ambassador community.

As a Diak ambassador you can choose to do flexibly as much as you can: eg. one social media week and one school visit during a semester. You can also choose whether you want to do just social media or just school visits.

More information about the tasks and rewards on the website. Apply by filling up the form and we will contact you soon!