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The crisis in Europe puts a strain on students – Diak secures the everyday life of students and provides support services

The global political situation has caused anxiety and concern among students. At Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, everyday life is also safeguarded in the midst of the crisis by actively providing students with support services.

About one and half weeks ago, Russia began its military action in Ukraine.  

“The situation is difficult and sad globally. The world has been plunged into confrontation, with no one but losers and, as a result, great and deep human suffering,” says Elina Juntunen, CEO and Rector of Diak.  

The global political situation is causing insecurity, concern and fear in many – also among Diak students. 

“In Diak, it has always been important for us to support the coping of students and staff in varying situations. We offer an exceptional amount of discussion opportunities and support to the members of our community,” Juntunen says.  

The pandemic, which has lasted two years, has been challenging for many university students. This has also been strongly reflected in Diak.  

“Students have been in contact with study support services more than usual during the past two years. There are also students whose studies have been delayed due to the pandemic,” Juntunen tells.  

Diak has students and employees from a wide range of backgrounds. There have been reports around the world about phobias and racism against people of Russian background.

According to Rector Juntunen, there have been no such situations in Diak. It is really important for Diak to foster respect, dialogue and peace so that everyone can feel safe while studying at Diak.   

“Ordinary students are not to blame for the war. Confrontation must not spread between individuals. We will not tolerate hate speech and racism in Diak under any circumstances. Emotional reactions must not erupt with those who have nothing to do with war,” Juntunen says.  

Students have also actively set out to brainstorm ways to help. Diak’s student union O’Diako has kept open doors, allowing students to come to the student union office for coffee and chat.   

O’Diako is also involved in Operation Toivo and has collected supplies to be delivered to the crisis area by the operation.  

“As soon as the crisis broke out, we discussed how O’Diako could support our students in a crisis situation and ensure that no one is left alone. We see as a priority to provide communication from support services and of low-threshold opportunities for discussion. We also considered how to concretely help the victims of war. We chose to arrange a donation fundraiser for Operation Toivo, because through the operation donations move quickly to those in need,” says Halla Kokkonen, Chairperson of O’Diako. 

Donations to large organisations

Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid supports the delivery of food aid, warmers and other basic supplies to people affected by the conflict.

  • Donate online
  • Send a text message to APU20 on 16499. Text message price is 20 euros


Fida provides emergency aid to Ukraine, such as food, shelter, warmth and hygiene supplies.

  • Donate online
  • Send a text message to FIDA10 on 16155. The price of a text message is 10 euros.
  • Use MobilePay to donate the desired amount to 46003.

Finnish Red Cross

The organisation distributes material assistance in Ukraine and supports the health and water sector. Finnish Red Cross delivers medicines and supplies to health centres.

  • Donate online
  • Send a text message to SPR20 on 16499. Text message price is 20 euros
  • Call 0600 12220 (20,28 e/tel + service fee)
  • Use MobilePay to donate the desired amount to 10900

Save the Children

The organisation provides emergency aid to Ukraine, such as food, hygiene supplies, winter clothing, health care and psychosocial support.

Unicef of Finland

Unicef helps children and their families in Ukraine. The organisation supplies relief supplies.

  • Donate online
  • Send a text message to UKRAINE on 16110. Text message price is 20 euros
  • Donate the desired amount with MobilePay to 33742

The Finnish Refugee Council

  • Donate online (website in Finnish)
  • Send a text message 20 UUSIALKU to 16588. By switching to 5, 10, 30, or 40, you can also donate that amount. Donation message doesn’t work with other amounts
  • Send the desired donation amount with MobilePay to number 31152
  • Donate the amount you want directly to bank account of the organisatio by using account number FI71 8000 1300 2236 67. Please use reference number 6460 in connection with the donation.

UN Women

UN Women, the UN’s organisation aiming for equality, provides assistance to women and their families affected by the crisis in Ukraine and promotes the equal participation of women in peace processes.