Diak’s e-coffee break on April 23rd

Diak's e-coffee break has gathered students and personnel every Thursday to share their experiences on the corona situation. Last Thursday there was an interesting discussion on how to improve focus while studying at home.

Studen Joey Vincesten.Diak has been organizing an e-coffee break online every Thursday during the pandemic. The purpose of the coffee break is to bring Diak’s students and personnel together and share experiences of studying and working from home. The coffee break has turned into a new kind of tradition in Diak and it has raised the sense of community during this exceptional time.

Last Thursday, April 23rd Diak’s student Konstantina Glygioti shared her experiences on studying at home. At first it seemed a bit hard and it was difficult for her to accept the situation. After a while of adjusting Konstantina was able to create a functioning routine for studying at home. Konstantina also started her practical placement    during the pandemic, and she has been doing the work from home.

On the coffee break there was also a discussion on how to focus on studying at home and how to maintain one’s wellbeing. Joining the discussion were Diak’s student Joey Vincesten, teacher Katja Päällysaho and student counsellor Maarit Heusala. The most important things that came up in the discussion were making a timetable for each day and remembering to be active and exercise enough.

Student Joey Vincesten (in the photo) has created a new kind of routine for himself in this unfamiliar situation. Because the environment we now work in is different from before, we should be able to adjust or change our routine when needed. Being productive and making progress in this situation is important to Joey and keeping an active daily schedule helps him to maintain focus and get things done. Joey also reminds us that it is important to handle the situation one day at a time.

Thanks to everyone who has participated the e-coffee break, we hope to see you there again!

You can join the coffee break every Thursday at 12pm on Colla through this link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/guest/dbb15494b34b41a6aa6d62358eba9c36