Opening celebration of the school year

Warmly welcome to the opening celebration of the school year on Wednesday, 4th September at 14:00.

The event is aimed at all Diak students and personnel. This year’s theme is sustainable development and eco-sociality. Come learn what these topics mean to us at Diak!

The opening celebration and workshops will be held at each Diak-campus at the same time. Note! At the same time, the OSKE market is being organized on the Oulu campus.

Helsinki: tila 332. Turku: kysy Eila Hannula. Pieksämäki: tila B109. Pori: kysy Ritva Piisi. Oulu: tila 228.

You can also attend  to the opening celebration remotely:


  • 14:00 Rector Tapio Kujala’s opening words and coffee.

Sustainable development and eco-sociality at Diak.

  • 14:30–14:45 Society designer and professor Arto O. Salonen: Sustainable living, conscious choices and happiness.
  • 14:45–15:30 Workshops on each campus. Participate and have an impact! Each participant will get an awesome reusable coffee cup.