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New student desktop MyDiak will be introduced in 2018

In early 2018, Diak will introduce a new student desktop that provides access to key applications. Check out the training session and webinar dates!

The new desktop is called MyDiak, and it will replace TimeEdit, SoleOps and Wilma.

MyDiak will offer students enhanced access to electronic services.

The service URL is Students will be able to log into MyDiak from 8 January 2018.

You can use MyDiak to

  • register for modules
  • view your study module assessments
  • plan your studies and monitor your progress and workload
  • view your study module syllabuses
  • submit RPL applications
  • add comments in your personal study plan and send messages related to your plan
  • add electives in your personal study plan from the study module offering
  • book appointments with your guidance counsellor, international coordinator, etc.

Study module syllabuses can also be viewed at

New sections will be added throughout 2018

Some of the functionalities of MyDiak will not be available immediately. New sections will be added throughout 2018. Schedules:

  • RPL applications (February 2018)
  • module registrations for spring 2018 (March 2018)
  • registrations as attending/non-attending student (April 2018)
  • course feedback (autumn 2018).

The new registration/enrolment and RPL instructions will be added in the Studying section on Diak’s website before the launch of MyDiak. Keep an eye on the website for details!

Training sessions and webinars for students

Introduction to MyDiak

Collaborate link

  • Monday, 8 January, 4:30–5pm
  • Monday, 15 January, 3:30–4pm
  • Thursday, 18 January, 9:30–10am

Finding and checking your assessments

Collaborate link

  • Thursday 9 January, 4:30–5pm (recording will be available)
  • Thursday 11 January, 9–9:30am
  • Monday 15 January, 9:30–10am

The elements of study module syllabuses

Collaborate link

  • Wednesday 10 January, 9–9:30am (recording will be available)
  • Tuesday 15 January, 3:30–4pm
  • Friday 19 January, 2:30–3pm

For more information, follow Moodle

All news and instructions concerning MyDiak are available in the news section in Moodle. Please remember to follow the news to keep yourself up-to-date!

Log in Moodle.

Do you have questions about MyDiak? Get in touch with head of student affairs ms. Pia Juusela: