The terms and conditions of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences online store for paid education 1.7.2019 – 1.8.2021

Updated 28.06.2019, archived 1.8.2021
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Terms and conditions as presented below will take effect on 1.7.2019 in all online enrolments for paid education. Any enrolments made before the stated date will follow the previously announced terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are applied to the use of the online store of paid education provided by the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (hereafter referred to as DUAS) and to the ordering, that is the enrolment and payment of study fees by the customer, of education, study modules and study units (hereafter referred to as studies) offered by DUAS.

The customer is to go through these terms and conditions carefully before enrolment. Upon enrolment to the studies through the online shop the customers guarantee that they have read through the terms and conditions and that they accept them.

1. Enrolment for the studies

The enrolment for the studies takes place on DUAS’s website through the online store of paid education (

In order to enrol the customer needs a valid e-mail address. In addition, in case of some studies the customer needs to be able to pay for the studies upon enrolment through an online payment.

Confirmation of enrolment

All enrolments are confirmed via e-mail, which lists the studies the customer has enrolled for, the fees of those studies, the terms of cancellation and the instructions for cancelling.

In order to receive the confirmation e-mail the customer is required to provide a valid e-mail address upon enrolment.

2. Enrolment fees and other costs of studying

By enrolling for the studies the customer is agreeing to pay the enrolment fee according to the terms and conditions of the purchase. The customer becomes liable to the payment by confirming the study place received at enrolment or by accepting the place offered later on.

DUAS’s open university of applied sciences fees are based on the Council of state decree on the fees collected for activities of the universities of applied sciences (2014/1440, 1 §). In single study units the fee is 15 € / study point. In larger modules the fee may be a package fee, which results in the price being less than 15 € for each study point.

There are no separate term based tuition fees or term based maximum payment limits. DUAS reserves the right to offer a limited number of additional studies free of charge for those customers who are completing a large number of study credits.

In addition to the enrolment fees some studies may include study material and/or equipment costs. Based on decree the 2 § of the Council of state DUAS has the right to collect a payment of these based on the absorption cost in case the material and/or the equipment remain at the use of the student after the studies have finished. Possible additional costs are always listed in the study information during the enrolment period.

On top of the above mentioned the studies may bring additional costs to the customer, for example due to the use of an internet connection or travelling to the study location. DUAS does not offer compensation for these costs.

DUAS reserves the right to changes in enrolment fees eg. in case the legislation concerning university of applied sciences’ studies changes. New fees are applicable only to the enrolments made after the change of prices takes place.

Methods of payment in the online store

The fee is charged upon enrolment in case the customer receives the study place directly. In case the method of selection for the studies is other than the order of enrolments the enrolment fee is not charged until the customers have accepted the study place offered to them. In case the customers are put on the waitlist for the study place the fee is not charged until they accept the study place offered to them upon previous customer’s cancellation.

The methods of payment for the studies is presented in the online shop before confirmation of enrolment is made.

The Open UAS studies can always be paid through an online payment. Competence and semester modules can also be paid by an invoice.

The payment service provider in the online shop is Paytrail ltd. The selection of payment methods are shown to those customers choosing online payment.
Paytrail ltd has the permit for the business from the financial supervisory authority. Contact information: Paytrail Ltd, Innova 2, Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä, phone 0207 181830 (customer service), Business ID 2122839-7.

If you pay by an invoice the payment is collected by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Business ID 0115776-3). Open UAS study units and semester modules are billed in one instalment, larger competence modules in two instalments. In one instalment payment the term is 14 days net starting from day of enrolment. In two instalment payments the second instalment is due after the beginning of studies.
In case the customer wants to change the given payment schedule, a permit must be acquired from DUAS in writing before enrolment.

3. Granting the right to study

The students to DUAS paid education studies are selected either through the order of enrolments or through other selection criteria.

In the studies that use the order of enrolment for student selection the customer either receives the study place immediately upon enrolment or if the maximum number of students is already full for the studies in question the customer is put on  a waitlist to wait for possible cancellations.

The customer is informed about the outcome of the enrolment directly in the online shop and after the completion of enrolment process through a confirmation e-mail.

In the studies that use other selection criteria for student selection DUAS will choose the students using the selection criteria that is published in the information of the study unit/module. The customer is informed that the student selection is made on a later date in the online shop as they enrol and also through an e-mail after they have completed the enrolment process. The customer is informed also about the final selections through an e-mail. In order to receive the right to study the customer needs to accept the study place through the online service of DUAS paid education. The customer who is not selected will remain on a waitlist to wait for a possible cancellation.

In the case of open UAS study units the customer has 24 hours to accept the study place. In the case of competence- and semester modules the time limit of accepting the place is 48 hours.

In both methods of selection, the customers on the waitlist are informed through an e-mail in case a cancellation occurs, and a study place can be offered to them. In order to receive the study place the customer has to accept it through the online service of the paid education. In the case of open UAS study units the customer has 24 hours to accept the study place. In the case of competence- and semester modules the time limit of accepting the place is 48 hours.

DUAS reserves the right not to grant the customer the right to study or to cancel the right to study already granted if the customer has previously lost the right to study at DUAS based on unsuitability to studying or lack of required studying skills. The right to study can also be denied or cancelled in case the customer has through their behaviour or actions threatened the peace and safety of DUAS as a work and study environment.

Specifics of the right to study

If the customer is accepted to the studies, the granted study right is limited in both time and content. The study right covers only those realizations of the studies that have been included in the study description during enrolment. The right to study is valid only for the period when the realization is valid unless otherwise mentioned in the description of the studies.

In the open UAS studies the customer does not have the right to late returns of assignments in the same way as degree students have.

It is not possible to transfer the right to study to the next realization of the studies nor to cover different studies than originally enrolled for.

4. The organizer’s right to changes and cancellations

DUAS reserves the right to making changes in the study offering in case the curriculum changes.
DUAS reserves the right to changes in the mode of implementation of the studies, schedule, location and teachers.

DUAS reserves the right to cancel the studies eg. based on low number of enrolments.

5. Customers Right to Cancel

The customers always have the right to cancel their enrolment to DUAS’s studies. The notice of cancellation is to be made primarily through the online service of the paid education by using the link that is provided to the customer in the confirmation e-mail.

Open UAS study cancellations can also be notified through e-mail to This cancellation e-mail needs to include the customer’s name, date of birth, address and phone number as well as the code and name of the studies that are being cancelled (written in the same form as in the confirmation e-mail).

In case the cancellation takes place at least 14 days before the start of the studies, the customer is entitled to a refund of the payments made so far. In case the cancellation takes place less than 14 days before the studies start, the enrolment fee is charged in full and the customer is not entitled to a refund of payments made so far. In case the customer does not cancel the enrolment but does not begin the studies or discontinues the studies once having started them, the enrolment fee will be charged in full and the customer is not entitled to a refund of enrolment fees.

The studies start on the date that is announced as the first day of the studies in the study description in the online service of paid education.

Collection of Open UAS enrolment fees can be waived or the amount reconsidered in individual cases by using discretion if

  • the cancellation or discontinuation takes place due to an illness that significantly affects studying. The customer needs to inform about the cancellation/discontinuation within a reasonable time from the start of the inability to study and to provide the Open UAS student affairs office a medical certificate that clearly states the inability to study.
  • the customer chosen as an Open UAS student receives a degree study place at DUAS and announces their cancellation before the Open UAS studies start. The customer needs to provide the Open UAS student affairs office the letter or e-mail of acceptance as a degree student.
  • The customer chosen as a student in a semester module receives a degree study place in some other Finnish higher education institution and informs about the cancellation before the DUAS open UAS studies begin. The customer needs to provide the Open UAS student affairs office the acceptance letter or e-mail from the institution offering the degree studies.

Cancellation terms of some of the studies may be different from DUAS’s general cancellation terms. Cancellation terms are presented upon enrolment as well as in the confirmation e-mail.

6. Collection of unpaid enrolment fees and loss of right to study

In case the customers have selected an invoice as a method of payment and they do not pay it by the due date, DUAS will send a payment request.
Open university of applied sciences’s enrolment fees are public legal transactions that can be directly claimed through a recovery proceeding without a separate legal verdict or order.

Open UAS students cannot receive study credits until they have paid the enrolment fee.

DUAS can use discretion to deny the right to study at the open UAS studies from a person, who has previous unpaid enrolment fees at the time of enrolment.

7. Refund of enrolment fees

When terms of cancellation are met the enrolment fees will be refunded to the customer within 14 days of making the cancellation notification.

In case the customers cancel the studies through the online service of paid education, they will receive a confirmation of cancellation message and further instructions on providing their bank contact information.

In case the customers have notified of the cancellation through an e-mail and they have been found to be eligible for refund, they will receive an e-mail with instructions for providing bank contact information.

In case DUAS cancels the studies, the unpaid enrolment fees will not be collected and the fees that have already been paid will be returned in full. DUAS will contact customers directly through an e-mail in order to receive bank contact information.

8. Use of customer’s information and data protection

DUAS follows Finnish legislation of data protection.

The information of customers who have enrolled for the studies through the paid education online store will be collected in the extent that enrolment for the studies, student selection, payment of enrolment fees and keeping statistics of paid education requires.

The information of the customers selected as students will be stored in DUAS student administration service.

The student’s name can be visible to other students in participation listings, in e-mails sent to participants of studies, in calendar invitations and other necessary actions related to studying.

The customer’s information can be used for education and direct sales marketing only if the customer specifically gives the permission for this upon enrolment.

9. The applicable law and settlement of disputes

Finnish law is applied to these terms, despite the conflict of law rules. Any disputes that may occur between the online shop provider and the customer based on the terms are to be solved primarily by negotiating.

Consumer-customer has the right to redirect the dispute on applying the terms to be solved by the Consumer Disputes Board ( Before redirecting the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board the customer needs to contact the consumer advice services ( Consumer-customer can also use the internet based dispute solution forum provided by the EU (ODR, in order to get their matter processed in the best applicable dispute settlement organisation.

In case a solution cannot be found through negotiations, the matter will be solved as a primary stage case in the district court of the online shop provider i.e. in the District Court of Helsinki. Consumer-customer may bring the case to be solved by the district court of their own residential district. In case the customer does not have a residence in Finland, the matter will be solved in the District court of Helsinki.

10. Contact information

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences customer service contact information

Open university of applied sciences customer service

Open UAS student affairs office, ph. 040 509 5165
Contact form

Online shop provider contact information

Name: Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Business-ID: 0115776-3
Post address: PL 12, 00511 Helsinki
Street address (Helsinki campus): Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki
Phone: 029 469 6000 (switchboard)
E-mail address: