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Galleria Diak: Hope Despite Drought

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Finnish photographer and actor Laura Malmivaara’s photography exhibition is on display at Galleria Diak, Helsinki campus this fall.

Hope Despite Drought -photo exhibition presents portraits of women living in the midst of the effects of climate change. Malmivaara visited Felm’s (Suomen Lähetysseura) development cooperation projects in Kishapu, Tanzania in September 2018. She photographed girls and women whom she met in the villages she visited.

Kishapu suffers from drought worsened by unpredictable rains due to climate change. The droughts disrupt livelihoods, food production and access to water. Felm supports the communities in Kishapu in adapting to climate change. The work includes supporting tree planting, training villagers in drought tolerant cultivation and small scale entrepreneurial skills, and improving water and sanitation systems.

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