Student health services in Pieksämäki

Student health nurse

Tuulevi Neuvonen

tel. +358 (0)400 129 013

Clinic hours: without appointment 8am–10am, at other times by appointment

Any changes to opening hours are displayed on the door or given in the answerphone message.

If the student health nurse is not available at the school, you can see a nurse at the health centre. Nurses can provide guidance and advice over the phone, assess the need for medical care and refer students to the GP, if necessary.

General physician

Tiina Lappi

Appointments to the student health care GP can be made via the student health nurse. The GP holds a clinic at the school approximately once a month (health checks). Medical GP appointments are provided at the student health care service on the 2nd floor of the prenatal clinic.

Medical GP appointments are subject to a fee for patients over the age of 18. If there are no appointments available in the student health care service, you are advised to visit the GP service of the health centre in the town where you study.

Emergency appointments, A&E

Emergency appointments are only available to patients who need immediate or urgent care on the same day. For further information, see the website of the City of Pieksämäki.

Mornings/evenings 8:00am–9:30pm

Afternoons/evenings 2pm–9:30pm and weekends
tel. +358 (0)44 799 5546
address: Sairaalantie 14, Pieksämäki

Nights: 9:30pm–7:00am

Mikkeli Central Hospital
tel. +358 (0)15 225 588
address: Porrassalmenkatu 35–37, Mikkeli

Oral health care

For information about appointments and advisory services, see the website of City of Pieksämäki.