Work placement in a practical environment

Diak offers exchange students work placement opportunities in the fields of nursing and social work. Work placements can be arranged for example in hospitals, health care centres, children’s day care centres and local social services.

Work placements can be organised at all locations of Diak (Oulu, Pori, Pieksämäki, Helsinki, Turku) depending on the trainee’s chosen field and the availability of placements.

The number of places at each campus is limited and availability is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in applying for a work placement in Finland as an exchange student at Diak, please contact Diak’s International Coordinator, as well as the international office of your home institution before submitting your application to Diak.

Good to know

If you wish to complete a work placement at a Finnish hospital or institute, you should first find out what health and vaccination certificates are required by the organisation in question.

Familiarise yourself with the application procedure. In order to get accepted you must be nominated by your host university (a partner institution of Diak).

The length of work placement is normally three months, and the dates are negotiable. Diak follows the Erasmus+ program and general training guidelines.

We try to organise the placement based on the wishes specified in the Learning Agreement, but the final offer depends on availability.

The Oulu and Pori campuses have the highest numbers of incoming training students. Normally the focus is on the work placement and the availability of courses varies in each semester.

Oulu campus

The Oulu campus offers work placements in hospitals and health care units and social services, e.g. at the international playschool and various social welfare organisations. Oulu is a vibrant student city in Northern Finland with great access to explore Finnish nature.

Accommodation can be electronically booked on the website of PSOAS. The local coordinator can advise you about other possibilities.

For more information about Oulu and student life in the city, see

Pori campus

Pori campus offers nursing students work placement opportunities at the local hospital and health care units. Pori is well-known for the Pori Jazz festival and the sandy beaches at Yyteri.

Diak’s local International Coordinator will assist you in finding an apartment. The living costs are more reasonable in Pori than e.g. in the Helsinki region. Located on the west coast of Finland, Pori is home to 77,000 people.

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