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Register Description of the Moodlerooms Learning Environment of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences


Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki

Person in charge of the register

  • Name: Kari Nevalainen
  • Address: Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Kyläsaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki
  • Email:
  • Telephone number: +358 400 869 6066

Name of register

User Register of the Moodlerooms Learning Environment of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Purpose of the learning environment and use of data

The Moodlerooms learning environment is used for teaching at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences and as a group work platform for students and work groups in cooperation with other organisations.

Register entries concerning users

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • User ID and password
  • Authorities specified for the user in the system
  • Data added by the user (e.g. photo, telephone number, and identifiers for instant messaging systems)

The data are used for education-related matters (teaching, communication, assessments) and user administration as well as for resolving technical problems and abuse cases.

Sources of information

The basic user data (name, email address and user ID) are obtained directly from the student register of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. In addition, data are obtained from users themselves.

Data access right

Parties entitled to access these data comprise teachers at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, system key users and separately specified staff members.

Storage time of data

The student-specific data obtained from the student register of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences are deleted no later than at the middle of the semester following the termination of the respective student’s studies, unless the student has obtained a new right to study.

All manually added data are checked at three-month intervals and deleted if the user has not logged in into the learning platform for three months.

Disclosure of information

No information is disclosed to third parties. No information is disclosed outside the EU and the EEA.

The servers on which the accumulated data of the use of the learning platform are stored are located in the area of the European Union.

Protection principles

Every user has a personal user ID and password. Each user can see and edit only his or her personal data and the data of such persons whose data they are required to edit because of the duties assigned to them due to their studies or jobs.

Right to check and correct data

Under the Personal Data Act, Section 26, a registered person is entitled to check what data are stored in the register concerning him or her. The request for such a check must be signed and submitted in writing to the person in charge of the register, indicated above. A registered person may request one data check per year free of charge.

In addition, under the Personal Data Act, Section 26, a registered person is entitled to demand that mistaken data stored in the register concerning him or her be corrected. The request for such a correction is required to itemise the mistake that is to be corrected and to provide the correct data. The correction request shall be sent in writing to the person in charge of the register, indicated above.

Moodlerooms Learning Environment Terms and Conditions of Use

Read these terms and conditions of use carefully before registering in the Moodlerooms Learning Environment (hereinafter “Learning Environment” or “Service”) of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (hereinafter “the University” or “Diak”).

  1. By logging into the Service, you accept the terms and conditions of use presented below for your use of the Learning Environment. Diak shall have the right to change these terms and conditions.
  2. Your user ID to the Service is specific to you and shall not be disclosed to anyone else or made available for anyone else for use. For group work, all participants shall use their personal login credentials. As a user, you are responsible for the appropriateness of your use of the Service. If you suspect that your user ID has fallen into the hands of someone else, you are required to inform Diak IT support of this immediately. Similarly, should you experience problems when using the Service, you should contact Diak IT support.
  3. The validity of your user ID as well as your access to the Learning Environment are terminated when you graduate and also if you get expelled, resign or otherwise discontinue your studies.
  4. When you upload materials into the Service that are prepared by someone else than you yourself, it is your duty and responsibility to make sure that the use of those materials in this Service does not breach the copyright or any other right of any other party. It is prohibited to store offending contents, adult entertainment or any other inappropriate materials in this Learning Environment. The administrator has the right to monitor the use of the Service and to remove any inappropriate materials.
  5. Course materials are distributed under the Finnish copyright laws, and some materials are governed by the Digital Licence for educational use. More detailed information about the appropriate uses of materials under the Digital Licence is available at You as the user have the right to store materials sufficiently for your own use. However, the editing of materials without permission is prohibited.
  6. Materials distributed during courses must not be distributed, transmitted or published in any public service or event. Neither is it permitted for you to assimilate any materials into your own output without a licence or specific permission.
  7. As the user, you shall be liable for requesting, when required, the removal of materials uploaded by you into the Service; you shall also be liable for the respective costs, if any.
  8. Before a course area in the Learning Environment is closed to student access, you yourself are responsible for saving for your own use the course materials you expect to need. Archived courses will not be re-opened for any reason other than to re-evaluate assessments on the basis of official complaints, if any. Completions of overdue assignments shall be carried out in accordance with the agreed Diak procedure and the respective, separate instructions.
  9. All online conversations in the Learning Environment must be conducted in accordance with a polite communication practice. Disparaging comments, discrimination on any basis (e.g. religion or sexual orientation), calling names, racist comments, and comments inciting to violence are prohibited. The administrator has the right to edit and remove any inappropriate comments.
  10. The University has the right to decide on the removing or not removing of materials in instances in which you as the user do not have the authority to delete materials you have uploaded into the Service (such as the assignments you submitted online); these instances will relate to issues such as verifying assessments, fulfilling the archiving obligation, and similar cases.
  11. The administrator is entitled to remove without notice any materials that are in breach of these terms and conditions of use, to block the respective user from the Service, and to remove the account in breach.
  12. In addition to these terms and conditions of use, you agree to abide by the general rules and regulations of the University.
  13. The University shall, to its best ability, ensure the usability, reliability and technical functioning of the Service. However, Diak does not warrant that the Service could be used without any interruptions and any faults. Diak has the right to interrupt the use of the Service if such is required for installations, changes or maintenance, or if laws, regulations or authorities so require, or if there is another acceptable reason to do so. The University shall not be liable for any materials lost, nor shall it be responsible for taking backup copies of any materials you upload into the Service.
  14. The University shall be accountable for the functioning of the Service on the premises on campuses. The University shall not be accountable for any problems you may encounter due to your equipment, software or internet connection being too old, not updated, or deficient in performance capacity.
  15. All immaterial property rights and other rights related to the Service belong to Diak and Diak’s licensors. When you have accepted these terms and conditions of use, Diak will grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use the Service for personal, non-commercial purposes. You shall not alter, decrypt, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, reverse compile or otherwise translate the Service, nor access the source code of the Service, nor create a spin-off of the Service, unless you have a statutory right to do so. Neither are you permitted to disable or circumvent any protective mechanisms of the Service. Diak has the right to alter at its discretion the contents of the Service in total or in part.
  16. Various types of user data may be collected when you register into the Service and use the Service. All such data is handled in accordance with the annexed register description. When you accept these terms and conditions of use you verify that you have read and accepted the register description.

Privacy Policy of Diak's Library and Information Services

A description of a personal data file according to section 10 of the Personal Data Act

Publication date: 10 June 2003

Last update: 20 April 2016

1. Name of controller

Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Contact information:

Kirjasto- ja tietopalvelut
Kyläsaarenkuja 2
00580 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0)40 821 2000

2. Controller’s representative and/or contact person

Susanna Kinnari

3. Name of data file

The customer register of the library of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data (purpose of register)

Customer relationship management. The library uses the register for the management and statistical monitoring of library loans and borrowing privileges. The customer register contains one record per each person registered as a borrower. The purpose of the processing of personal data is based on general prerequisites of processing as provided by section 8 of the Personal Data Act.

5. Data content of the register

The register contains the following data on each borrower: customer’s name, social security number, telephone number, address, email address, statistical category and library card number. The register contains data on each customer’s current loans, reservations and payments, and payments and measures related to any unreturned materials. The borrower-specific loan data is removed from the borrower register when the loan in question is returned.

6. Regular sources of data*

The customer’s name, social security number and address are obtained from the customer with his or her consent in conjunction with registration. Other sources of data include the student information management system and any change notices received from the customer. The customer’s identity is verified from a photo identity document in conjunction with registration. The customer is responsible for notifying the controller of any changes to his or her information. The library personnel may check address information from the student information management system and public address registers and modify the information in the borrower register. Data on loans, reservations and payments are generated according to usage.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

If necessary, data on the customer’s overdue fines and book compensation charges may be transferred to a collection agency used by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences for invoicing purposes. No personal or address data is disclosed to third parties for any other purpose.

8. Principles of data security

A. Manual materials

Manual materials related to the customer register will be destroyed immediately upon the entry of the data in the register.

B. Electronic data

The server on which the register is located is situated in security-monitored facilities of CSC – Tieteellinen laskenta Oy. Server access permissions are issued to administrators only. The technical protection of data is implemented by standard methods. The customer register is only available to the library personnel of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences and only to the extent required for performance of job duties.

The data are treated as secret and subject to a confidentiality obligation.

9. Right of access to personal data

A data subject whose data is held in the register has the right to inspect, by a request made in person, the accuracy and currency of his or her data held in the register. The inspection request can be made in person or in writing to the library personnel. The right of access can be exercised as soon as the requester’s identity has been verified. The register does not contain any data on which the right of access cannot be exercised.

10. Rectification of personal data

Customer data are rectified and updated immediately upon the customer’s notice. Corrections to data are performed by the library personnel. If necessary, the accuracy of a customer’s personal data may be verified from the student information management system and public address registers. The library personnel will rectify any errors it finds without delay.

4. Removal of data from the register

Expired customer data are removed from the register annually. Customer data are held for approximately 2 years after the date of the last loan transaction.

* Although this information is not specifically required by section 10 of the Act, its inclusion is advisable from the point of view of data subjects’ right to access personal data. It also describes the data content of the register.

Privacy Policy of the electronic forms of Diak's Library and Information Services

Description of privacy policy according to sections 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

Publication date: 21 April 2016

The electronic web forms of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences information and library service are intended solely for the following purposes: registration as a customer, modification of customer information, submission of customer feedback, interlibrary and information retrieval requests, loan renewal requests, acquisition proposals, PIN code changes and reservations of information retrieval guidance appointments.

The controller of the register is the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences library and information service. The contact persons are Susanna Kinnari (susanna.kinnari(at), tel. +358 (0)40 554 4878) and Hanna Saario (hanna.saario(at), tel. +358 (0)40 584 3367. The register consists of electronically submitted web forms which we receive in email format.

Electronic service requests and feedback are deleted as soon as the service request has been processed.

Materials related to the customer register are destroyed immediately upon the entry of the data in the register. The data are treated as secret and subject to a confidentiality obligation.

Data submitted by a form is transferred to the recipient by a secure connection.

Data submitted by a form are only disclosed to persons who process service requests and customer feedback.

The sender of the form has the right to access personal data submitted and request rectification of any errors in the data. Access requests and rectification notices are addressed to the contact persons in charge of the register: Susanna Kinnari or Hanna Saario.