Corona virus

UAS rectors and student unions appeal to students to stop the spread of coronavirus

Finland’s coronavirus situation is rapidly deteriorating, and there are also chains of infection among students at universities of applied sciences. This has led to an increase in distance learning and even to the closure of campuses in different parts of Finland.

Masks are worn in general exams

Diak wants to ensure the safety of all students, because also students at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 might participate the exam. Therefore, masks are worn in general exams as of 1st October. We also remind students and staff on acting in a responsible manner at campuses.

Diak recommends downloading contact tracing app Koronavilkku

Diak recommends that its students and staff take Koronavilkku application into use. The app helps to trace chains of infection and to ensure safety at campuses.

Diak recommends face masks

The autumn semester has started in an exceptional manner at Diak campuses. In the autumn semester there will be more distance learning than normally. Some courses are organised as contact teaching.

Arrangements for the fall semester at Diak

Diak has started to take down some of the restrictions caused by corona virus. The fall semester will start in August with a combination of distance learning and classroom studies.

Exceptional arrangements and studying on campuses starting the 1st of June

Underneath you can find information about the schedules and instructions for the summer. If you have anything to ask please contact

The spring’s graduation ceremony will be held on the 3rd of September

The spring’s graduation ceremony on the 29th of May has been cancelled in all Diak campuses. The ceremony will be postponed to the fall due to the current conditions.

Autumn 2020 semester student exchanges cancelled

Diak has decided to cancel all autumn 2020 semester student exchanges due to the corona pandemic.

Diak’s campuses will open on the 1st of June

Diak is starting a gradual recovery from the corona restrictions. Diak will open all the campuses for students on the 1st of June. On the same date the library and information services’ customer service will open. Student office and ICT- services are functioning mainly online for the summer but local service is also available if needed. The general spaces on campuses are also partly available for guests that aren’t a part of any risk group.

Diak’s e-coffee break on April 23rd

Diak’s e-coffee break has gathered students and personnel every Thursday to share their experiences on the corona situation. Last Thursday there was an interesting discussion on how to improve focus while studying at home.