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The International Days of Linguistic Accessibility seminar (IDLA)

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Kaksi viittovaa henkilöä, kädet näkyvissä.

The International Days of Linguistic Accessibility seminar (IDLA) will be helt for the first time 11th-12th May 2023. The seminar will take place at Humak UAS in Helsinki (Auditorium, Valkea Talo, Ilkantie 4).

The theme of the seminar is “Functioning communication in the workplace”.

We will gather together scholars from different fields of research to reflect on what constitutes functioning communication in the workplace and how we can create working communities with communicational expertise.

During the seminar, presentations concerning interpreting, linguistic accessibility, intercultural communication and communication expertise will be offered.

See the seminar programme from the IDLA webpage.

The working languages of the seminar are Finnish and Finnish sign language on May 11th 2023 and English and international signing on May 12th 2023. The interpreting service is organized by the coordinating universities.

Experts and guests from Finland and from abroad are warmly welcome.

Please register April 30th, 2023 at the latest. The participation fee is 70 € and includes the seminar programme, coffee and lunch on day 2.

For students

During th IDLA seminar, a large amount of lectures and workshops helt by communication experts of different fields will be offered. It is worth getting familiar with the research and the experts working on different fields of communication. You may get some inspiration, topics and new perspectives that can e.g. help you in your practical training or finding an interesting subject for your thesis. More information for participating students here.

For Humak and Diak students, the seminar is free of charge.

Please enroll to the seminar April 30th 2023 at the latest by filling in this form.

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