Direct application based on open UAS studies

If you have completed 30 credit points (ECTS) at an open UAS and will complete 59 credits by 13 August 2021, you can apply to become a degree student in our Degree Programme in Social Services based on these studies.


Apply at from 3 May until 17 May 2021. The application closes on 17 May 2021 at 3:00pm.

You can apply if you have completed 30 credit points (ECTS) at an open UAS. The studies have to be specific to the degree programme you are applying to. You also need to have a suitable health status for the field.

You need to complete 59 credit points (ECTS) by 13 August 2021 so usually you can apply for the first time towards the end of your 2nd semester of your open UAS studies.

The required credit points can be completed at any open UAS, however they have to match our curriculum in our Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Social Services. Credit points completed at a university or university of applied sciences will not be accepted.

Degree programmes available in spring 2021

Helsinki campus

For available degree programmes taught in Finnish, please visit our Finnish webpage.

Required attachments

If you have completed your studies at Diak’s open UAS, you do not have to submit a transcript of records. Your study progress will be verified internally.

If you have completed your studies at some other institution, you need to attach an official, stamped transcript of records to your application form by 17 May 2021, 3:00pm.

The transcript is to be attached electronically when filling the application form. You can also submit your application form first and then come back to add attachments by using the link you received in your email after submitting your application.

If the required 59 credit points (ECTS) were not completed by the end of the application period, the possible admission is conditional until you submit a transcript of records containing 59 credit points (ECTS) by 13 August 2021, 3:00 pm. This transcript of records needs to be original with a stamp and signature.

Entrance examination

The entrance exam is organised on 26 May 2021 online. All eligible applicants will be invited to the online entrance examination by email. The entrance examination consists of a written exam and an English language test. There is no pre-reading material for the exam.

Admission is based on the entrance exam. Your success in studies can also be taken into consideration.

Special arrangements for entrance examination

You may submit a separate application to request the right to special arrangements for taking an entrance examination.

Use this form to request for special arrangements for the entrance examination. Please see the form for more detailed information.

Requests must be submitted by 17 May 2021 before 3:00pm Finnish time. Submit the form and the required enclosures to the Admission Services.

Diak may deny an applicant the right to special arrangements if such arrangements are impossible to implement, for example because of schedule-related reasons.

Admission results

You will be notified of the admission results in June 2021.

The admission is conditional until you have presented a transcript of records containing the required 59 credit points (ETCS) by 13 August 2020, 3:00pm.

Starting your studies as a degree student

Studies will start in August 2021. A personal study plan will be made for all admitted students.

The open UAS studies you completed can be included in your degree so far as they match the current curriculum and degree requirements. We do not guarantee that all study modules are offered each year.

More information

For more information, please contact the Admission Services.