Master’s Degree Programme in the Promotion of the Health and Well-being of People in Danger of Marginalisation (in Finnish)

The programme introduces students to topics specific to promoting the health and wellbeing of people who are at risk of social exclusion.

The programme focuses on mental health promotion at different levels of society and the reduction of health and well-being disparities as part of work to combat marginalisation.

Students are introduced to a range of methods which can be used to root out practices that exacerbate inequality and discrimination in the health and social service system.

At the same time, students explore the development of customer-focused operating models for welfare promotion in services.

In particular, the programme equips students for expert, education and development roles in health promotion.

The emphasis is on improving the welfare of the most vulnerable members of society, and the overall approach is the continuous development of practice and competencies.

Degree title: Master of Social Services, Master of Health Care

Extent: 90 credit points (ECTS)

We offer this programme currently in Finnish.